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Chances are you are pursuing an online degree to reap benefits in the workplace. For this reason, you may be interested in accelerating your progress to get your degree faster. This article will explain seven ways to finish your degree faster. Keep in mind that you will work harder to finish faster and must be willing to make this commitment.

Check with an admissions counselor to see if you qualify for the Credit for Life Experience Program (CLEP). Experience in the business world can translate into college credits with this program. You will have to show documentation of your work experience. The school will verify this experience to determine how it fits into your degree program in terms of college credit. The credits you receive from this program can shorten the time you spend earning your degree. This program isn't offered at all schools or for all degree programs.

The Proficiency Exam Program (PEP) is similar to CLEP. This program allows students to earn college credit for independent study or other training received without college credit. You may have learned the subject matter in another forum and not need to take the class. You will have to show documentation and pass an exam to qualify for credits with PEP.

Many online universities offer shorter semesters. Some will give you the choice between six, eight and ten week semesters. Shorter semesters allow you to take more classes throughout the year. Keep in mind that these shorter semesters still carry the same requirements. The work load will be more intense, but the time period will be shorter. Be sure you have the time to devote before you choose shorter semesters. The pace is faster and you will need to work faster to keep up.

You can take more classes each semester. Even taking one additional class each semester can take a year off the time you will spend in school. You will have to make time for an additional class each semester, but you'll finish faster. When you plan your classes, schedule a mixture of subjects you find easy with more difficult courses. This way, you won't end up with all the subjects you find difficult at the end of your program.

Some online universities don't require students take general education classes. Your program will focus entirely on your field of study. Often, this structure results in a shorter time spent earning the degree. If you plan to transfer your credits to another university, check before enrolling in the program to make sure the credits are transferable.

Saturday Scholars Programs are offered at many large universities. Students entering this program should hold an Associates degree before applying to the program. You travel to the university on Saturdays, usually from eight in the morning until five in the evening. These programs allow you to finish your degree in two years of Saturdays.

Self paced programs are offered through some online colleges. These classes can be started at any time and finished at your own pace. You can work through the material more quickly than is possible in the typical college semester. Quite a few of these programs set a minimum time you must take the course. Usually they require a six week minimum time frame for completion.

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